July 29, 2021

Can a crisis generate opportunities?

This is the great challenge that - on a commercial level - the pandemic has placed to us.


Aetna Group faced it with its usual determination and it won, managing to overcome the inevitable managerial and production difficulties with the great innovation that distinguishes it: it worked hard on the development of new technologies, it made the current ones even more efficient, it invested in sustainable and energy aspects. And it has believed in a new form of communication capable of compensating for the limitations of the moment, overcoming distances and creating interesting moments of confrontation and community.


For this reason it has been created TECH HUB+, a true interactive digital channel where Robopac and OCME have given appointment to users and visitors for training and information meetings on technological innovations for the entire range of secondary packaging, creating specific focuses in order to offer relevant and effective answers to industrial needs that differ according to the sector they belong to.


Since the beginning of the year, on the TECH HUB + there have been organized three events: on May 22nd, 2021, the appointment was dedicated to the Fruit&Vegetables sector, with semi-automatic packing solutions, stretch-wrapping and recycling solutions. The following month, on June 22nd, it was the turn of Warehousing&Logistic Solutions, focused on end-of-line automation dedicated to warehouse management, wrapping and handling of unstable products. On July 7th, the event was dedicated to Wine&Beer, where have been presented solutios dedicated to the sector of small wine cellars and micro-breweries.


A success decreed by the enthusiasm and appreciation of those who participated, and especially a success confirmed by the numbers: almost 2000 registered users from 102 different countries and over 22000 page views.


This succes has been reached thanks to a format that worked well, and that owes its goal also to the One Global Company of Aetna Group's team - that believed and worked assiduously with the assistance of experts, in order to make the events interesting. The events have been broadcasted in live streaming in three different time slots, so all the people all over the world could watch it.


Moreover, users had the opportunity to interact with Robopac and OCME professionals, located in every parts of the world and, thanks to the network of branches that has 15 offices in the main international markets, it was possible to have comparisons and advice H24 during the days dedicated to live streaming.


But TECH HUB+ does not stop here: after the summer break, in October there will be new appointments full of novelties, always focused on the various business segments:

- October 5th, 2021 it will be the turn of Tissue&Corrugated Paper, with technologies inherent to palletizing, stretch wrapping and automated internal logistics solutions;

- On October 20, 2021, the topic will be Intralogistics, with LGVs, stretch wrapping and recycling technologies as protagonists;

- Beverage will be the topic of the meeting on November 4th, 2021, with a focus on integrated packaging and automatic end-of-line solutions;

- this second cycle will be concluded by the event on Wood&Aluminium on 7 December 2021, where stretch wrapping, recycling and shrink technologies will be the stars.


Robopac and OCME are looking forward to seeing you at the next TECH HUB + events, which will be available at this link https://www.tech-hub.aetnagroup.com/user/signup