Modular Line Blox

BLOX is a new way to design, build and manage the whole end of line.

It combines the entire dry part of a production line into a single, integrated and synchronized Monoblock, a definitive solution for packaging and palletizing with the following advantages: Increase of efficiency, Space saving, Reduced costs, high level of flexibility.

The high efficiency of the single parts, optimized and synchronized, together with the lack of product accumulation on the line, allows to eliminate overspeed between the modules of the Blox system; this means reduction in maintenance and noise level and reductions of machine stops.

The complete control of the product management, both for single bottles and packs, reduces the problems with pressure and everything run smooth as a unique machine, modulating the speed according to the real production needs.

BLOX is the best advance solution in Dry part end of the line.

  • Reduction in purchasing costs
  • Energy saving (reduction in running costs and maintenance)
  • Improved management of spare parts and reduced maintenance
  • The possibility of using fragile containers while preserving their integrity
  • High automation
  • Ideal for mineral water and soft drinks


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