Our LGV vehicles integrate perfectly well to any palletising
end-of-line, thanks to a wide range of highly modular
and flexible solutions.

In order to meet this demand, our Laser guided vehicles (LGV) movement
management application:
AGV Manager, as well as various
battery change solutions have been developed. 
These vehicles are free to move at high speed and they are not anchored to structures embedded in the floor, and any change to vehicle routes
can be made by simply modifying the software.

Powered Stackers LGV

High performance concentrated  in a small solution.

Counterbalanced Truck LGV

Our counterbalanced truck can handle heavy loads whilst being of reduced dimensions.

Stabilizer LGV

Discover our premium quality LGV designed to increase your business performance  in a steady way.

Conveyor LGV

Our conveyors LGV move from a production line to another,  in total safety.

Reach Truck LGV

Reach your goals with safety and accuracy.