Palletising & Depalletising

The experience and the wide range of models of traditional and robotic palletisers allow for a multitude of configurations that adapt to the characteristics of the package, the speed of the line and the needs of the site layout.

Our goal is not only to supply reliable and highly technological machines, but also to find the best solution that responds precisely to the real needs of customers.
The complete support that the team of technicians and engineers wants to give to customers starts from the early stages of the project, so as to develop a business idea towards the greatest possible efficiency.


OCME, that has always been a point of reference in palletising sector, is present with its products in several sectors.

From beverage to tissue, from food to petrochemical, OCME offers the most suitable solution.
The high level of technology applied (numerous patents have been registered) enables the construction of traditional, mono-column, robotic or mixed technology solutions.

The range of OCME palletisers includes machines with low or high level product infeed, either in-line ot at 90 degrees, equipped with customised row or layer gripping heads, according to the product to be handled.

Robot Palletiser 

Increase drastically your productivity thanks to our high speed robot palletiser.

Traditional Palletiser with 90° infeed 

Discover the best configuration for your specific requests.

Traditional Palletiser with in-line infeed

The high efficiency palletiser  in line with your needs.

Single-column palletiser 

The flexible compact solution for your needs

Layer forming system

Discover our high performance gripping head, handling your product with maximum care.


OCME depalletisers are known all over the world for
their strength and reliability.

OCME is present in the Beverage, Food, Home and Personal care,
Edible oil and Petrochemical sectors.

Our range of depalletisers includes machines with low or high level product infeed,
with steady or moving pallet, with layer transfer by rotating bar or gripping head
with self-centring plates
. The high level of technology applied enables
the construction of traditional or robotic solutions.

Bulk Container

Increase your productivity with a fully integrated solution dedicated to handle loose products with extreme care.

Other depalletising solutions

Reach high flexibility thanks to  our modular depalletisers.

Robotic depalletiser

Manage more than one code to feed your line