Other Depalletiser Antares

OCME offers a series of high performance depalletisers,
designed to handle various types of packs.

Our  range is composed of traditional solutions designed to handle boxes, such as our Antares depalletiser, as well as robotic solutions for bulk trays or containers.

Our experience in handling products of different shapes and materials has allowed us to study and develop high-technology and  innovative solutions to answer all your needs.


Operator platform for pallet unwrapping operations

Maximum precision and safety during layer transfer phase

Inverter-controlled pallet conveyors

 Extremely compact and sturdy machine

Possibility of processing various types of packs

Suitable for  various sectors

High level components complying with the highest safety standards

Wide range of customization


For OCME, safety is an indispensable requirement.

The most advanced technology in terms of safety is applied to our machines.
This concept extends also to all auxiliary devices. All most stringent regulations
are applied to ensure maximum safety for operators and maintenance staff.


OCME has always paid special and careful attention to environmental sustainability.
Starting from the design phase, we ensure that all our solutions allow the use
of reduced power and material consumption. 

Processed products

PET bottles