Bulk container Dorado

Dorado is our depalletiser for bulk products. Depending on the chosen model, the
product infeed level can be either low with steady pallet (LF)
or high with moving pallet (HM).

The first phase is the pallet unwrapping cycle. An operator platform enables the pallet to be reached easily,
allowing to carry out any necessary operation in the safest possible conditions. Once unwrapped, the pallet can enter the machine.

The layer is transferred by our gripping head, with self-centring plates (LF) or rotating bars (HM). Layer-pads, frames and top sheets
are picked up by the dedicated beam or column-type devices. At last,  the packs are extracted and proceed in a single row.


Operator platform for thepallet unwrapping operations

Height control by encoder

Maximum precision and safety during layer transfer phase

Inverter-controlled pallet conveyors

 Extremely compact and sturdy machine

Possibility to  process various types of packs

Suitable for  various sectors

High level components complying with the highest safety standards


For OCME, safety is an indispensable requirement.

The most advanced technology in terms of safety is applied to our machines.
This concept extends also to all auxiliary devices. All most stringent regulations
are applied to ensure maximum safety for operators and maintenance staff.

Processed products



Hdpe containers and jerry cans


Technical data

The maximum speed that can be reached by Dorado is 360 layers/hour, in the HM variant (high product infeed level and moving pallet).
For what concerns Dorado with the low product infeed level and steady pallet, it reaches a maximum speed of 150 layers/hour. 

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  • strap removing device and chopper
  • side conveyor for gradually outgoing product without pressure
  • extractor a base rettangolare
  • tank guiding bar
  • tank stabilizing device
  • tank neck orientation control
  • layer-pad / tray / inverted tray automatic removal device
  • machine version suitable for handling non-standard pallets
  • tray corner cutting device
  • customization according to the customer specifications