Layer forming system Mizar

Mizar is our layer forming system: flexible and extremely precise, this device answers to the need of handling any type of package,
even the most delicate.

The accumulated products are separated and transferred, individually or in batches, towards the manipulation belt.
Mizar forms the layer using one or more manipulators, which shift and/or rotate the packs (positive manipulation).
If necessary, the layer is compacted before entering the machine.

The manipulators are available in two variants: Cartesian or robotic.
Both versions use gripping heads operated by brushless motor, ensuring maximum precision and optimum control of clamping force.

Our range of layer forming units is completed by the version with lateral pusher, without the use of manipulators. 


Stops management 

Automatic control system of fallen or turned containers before machine infeed

Automatic centralized lubrication

Delicate manipulation at high speed (positive movements)

Product separation by the upper belt

Maximum stability of the product

Manipulator with motorized head (high precision and control of the clamping force)

Manipulation of fragile products (avoiding any shocks)


For OCME, safety is an indispensable requirement.

The most advanced technology in terms of safety is applied to our machines.
This concept extends also to auxiliary devices.

All most stringent regulations to ensure maximum safety
for operators and maintenance staff
are applied.


Mizar is fully operated by brushless motors. Thanks to the brushless technology,
in addition to improved performance and manipulation quality, the operating speed can be modulated according
to the real line production requirements.
This ensures less stress for the product  as well as a longer machine's lifecycle.

Processed products





Display products

Pack products / Carton boxes



Technical data

The maximum speed that can be reached by Mizar is 650 layers/hour. Mizar can be integrated with any OCME palletisers to answer any layer formation request.

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  • Program Maker: software allowing the operator to create autonomously new palletising programs
  • customization according to the customer's requests