Robot Palletiser Pegasus

The configuration of the robotic island is customizable according to the type of container to be processed and depending on the line speed. Pegasus machines are divided into two families, depending on the gripping head chosen: row picking and layer picking robot.

Before the palletising stage, the row is formed by a series of motorized conveyor belts,
or the layer (in whole or in part) is formed by the Mizar forming unit. OCME gripping heads are motorized
or pneumatic,
equipped with plates without layer lower support (OCME patent) or are jalousie grippers. 

The range is completed by Pegasus Alpha and Pegasus Advance models.
Pegasus Alpha is OCME row picking robot palletiser of standard configuration.
Whereas Pegasus Advance,  with its 630 layers/hour,
is the highest performance version of OCME's palletisers.



Extremely compact machine

Low lever palletiser

Customizable layout

Fully automatic

Possibility of processing various types of packs

Suitable for use in various sectors

High level components complying with highest safety standards

Program Maker: software allowing the operator to create autonomously new palletising programs


For OCME, safety is an indispensable requirement.

The most advanced technology in terms of safety is applied to our machines.
This concept extends also to auxiliary devices.

All most stringent regulations to ensure maximum safety
for operators and maintenance staff
are applied.




OCME has always paid special and careful attention to environmental sustainability.
Starting from the design phase, we ensure that all our solutions allow the use
of reduced power and material consumption. 



Processed products

Pegasus with row gripping head





Display products

Pack products / Carton boxes




Pegasus with layer gripping head






Display products

Pack products / Carton boxes



Technical data

The Pegasus model with row gripping head can reach a speed of 11 cycles/minute.
The Pegasus model with layer gripping head, in the Advance variant, can reach a speed of 630 layers/hour.

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  • auxiliary device on gripping head for layer-pad pick and place
  • auxiliary device on gripping head for pallet pick and place
  • column-type layer-pad placing unit: automatic device designed to place flat pads and/or top sheet on pallet
  • accessory material picking robot (pallet, flat pad, centring unit, top sheet, etc.)
  • Program Maker: software allowing the operator to create autonomously new palletising programs
  • customization according to customer specifications