Traditional Palletiser
with 90° infeed Perseus

Perseus N is our traditional 90° infeed palletiser.
Depending on the chosen model, the product infeed level is low (LF-N and Z)
or high (HF-N and HM-N), with steady (LF-N, HF-N and Z) or moving pallet (HM-N).

Once the layer has been formed, the product is transferred towards the machine by a pusher and placed onto the pallet, with the possibility to have flat pads being inserted.

The Perseus Z model derived from the N model,
with the only difference of  the integrated layer pushing system.

The range is completed by the Perseus F model,
specificly designed to process 60 L and 200 L drums.


Extremely compact and sturdy

Fully automatic

Possibility to process various types of packs

Suitable to use for various sectors

Machine operated by brushless motors

Up to -30% of energy consumption

High level components complying with the highest safety standards

Wide range of customization


For OCME, safety is an indispensable requirement.

The most advanced technology in terms of safety is applied to our machines.
This concept extends also to all auxiliary devices. All most stringent regulations
are applied to ensure maximum safety for operators and maintenance staff.


The "N" Indication identifies a series of models fully operated by brushless motors. This translates into a significant energy savings of
approximately 30%
 compared to the same machine model equipped with traditional motor drive. Thanks to brushless technology, in addition to improved performance and handling quality, the operating speed can be modulated according to the real line production requirements . This ensures less stress for the product  as well as a longer machine's lifecycle. The same concept applies to the Perseus Z model.

Processed products





Pack products / Carton boxes



(With Perseus F)


Technical data

The maximum speed reached by the Perseus N palletiser is 510 layers/hour, in the HM-N variant (high level product infeed and moving pallet). Instead, Perseus N, with the low level product infeed, reaches a maximum speed of 300 layers/hour. 

The Perseus Z model, with the low level product infeed and steady pallet, reaches a maximum speed of 150 layers/hour.

Last but not least, the Perseus F model, specific for drums, reaches a maximum speed of 480 drums/hour.

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  • Larger machine version suitable for processing pallets up to 1200x1200
  • column-type layer-pad placing unit: automatic device designed to place flat pads and/or top sheet on pallet
  • accessory material picking robot (pallet, flat pad, centring unit, top sheet, etc.)
  • Mizar layer forming unit
  • Program Maker: software allowing the operator to create autonomously new palletising programs
  • Possible customizations according to the customer requests