We are commited to our team's wellbeing.

OCME has the global reputation of being one of the most pioneering and reliable companies in the packaging sector.

With over sixty years' experience, the company is constantly pushing the boundaries and evolving. Under a long-term commitment to workforce expansion, OCME seeks candidates who are eager to grow with the company and fulfill their potential, with the conviction that enthusiasm and passion are the real secrets to success. Our success is the result of the efforts we're dedicating to empower our team  to face everyday challenges,in both their personal and professional lives.

Among these challenges, safety at work is one of our top priorities, as well as the wellbeing of OCME's employees, which is also a key factor in our long-term sustainable success.

OCME promotes the professional development of human resources and makes the most of their role, providing employees with ongoing training and safeguarding their quality of life too. OCME also offers valuable international opportunities thanks to its worldwide subsidiaries presence.

Equality & Diversity

Equality is all about creating a fairer society, where every member gets the opportunity to fulfill their own potential.

And diversity is about recognizing and valuing individual as well as group differences.

In OCME we believe that coworkers from different horizons, with different experiences and cultural background are enriching our company and clearly bring us all one step ahead.
We are committed to build every day a more diverse and equal workforce, to be stronger and more prepared to answer the market’s challenges.

Our team’s health is our top priority


OCME Life Care is a company program launched in 2012 dedicated to preserve heart health and aiming at preventing cancer.

A program launched in collaboration with Parma Town Council, trough the organization of health experts conferences. OCME’s coworkers are following this initiative, taking advantage of a convention with local health institutes and in particular an anti-smoking health center.
It’s a great prevention initiative which allows to alert about the risks, and to inform about life style changes.

Safety is one of our premium care

Our aim is to preserve the safety of our employees and also our customers’ employees.

In OCME we keep on promoting safety in the workplace through prevention campaigns, as well as monitoring our annual objectives. In addition to a clear ethical obligation to safeguard safety in the workplace, we’re taking care of our customers: because your safety is as important as ours. That’s why we provide solutions following high safety standards, with 100% safe components. We also deliver our customers with complete safety training and keep you updated about the latest safety procedures and upgrades. We are committed to constantly improve our safety standards ,through safety research and parallel voluntary projects.




Partnership with schools and universities