Call service

Our Customer Contact Service enables us to support you in the best possible way to restore optimal machine conditions in case of any unpredictable event, guaranteeing minimised recovery times and maximum return on investment.

In order to remain fully operational and to support our customers as much as possible, we have decided to be closer through new technologies in this moment by granting:

We are able to provide you our know-how and assistance in order to support you in this great moment of challenge.
24 / 7
OCME 24/7 Customer Contact Service allows our customers to restore the optimum conditions of the machine in case of unexpected malfunctioning, thus ensuring the minimization of recovery time and the maximum return on investment.

With your previous authorization, OCME technical specialists will provide real time remote support  to the operator working on the machine, in order to detect the nature of the failure as quickly as possible, limiting or, if possible, avoiding on-site interventions.

In case of emergency you can contact the CALL CENTER through dedicated phone numbers and PIN code.

The system will identify the Customer and the CALL CENTER operators will detect the information about the machine affected by the problem and will activate the contact between you and OCME's specialist.


Get your custom package for remote support.

Now available 5 or 10 calls vouchers that you can use when you need.

Take the most out of our telephone support service, with a new plan without any subscription.

The package includes 5 or 10 tickets that you can use to access the remote support service via a preferential route at an advantageous price.

The ticket number will ensure timely and personalized communication in order to resolve alarms and support you remotely thanks to the support of our specialized technicians.

With the package of tickets previously purchased, you can be sure that you will be supported in the best possible way, whenever you are in emergency situation and need our support.

on demand

The "best effort" mode on your side!

For Customers who do not wish to subscribe to the service, phone support will be however available, in “best effort” mode, that is to say in the best possible manner, but without ensuring any reaction time, and according to OCME standard tariffs. 

The service without subscription is available from Monday to Friday,
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (GMT+ 1).
Chargeable with single-call pricing scheme as per standard dedicated rates.


By filling this form you agree that OCME S.R.L., free of charge, will provide to send, upon expressed request by the User, a series of information (by email) concerning the subject issue indicated by the User.